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Renew Nonresident License

How to Review your Non-Resident License

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Apply for License”
  3. At “Select a type of application” click on the drop down and select “Renew License”
  4. At “Select the state in which you wish to apply” click on the drop down and select “Illinois”
  5. At “Are you a resident or a non-resident of that state?” click on the drop down and select “ Non-Resident”
  6. At “Are you an adjuster?” click on the drop down and select “No”
  7. At “Are you applying for a Business or an individual License?” click on the drop down and select “Individual”.
  8. Click on “Continue”
  9. At this page click on the green “APPLY HERE”
  10. At USE AGREEMENT page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Accept”
  11. At this next page click on the drop down at “Resident State” and select your state.
  12. At “*Resident License Number:” enter your home state license number
  13. “License Type:” click on the dot next to “Individual”
  14. “What do you want to do:” click on the dot next to “Apply to renew an existing Non-Resident License OR resume an existing renewal application.
  15. At ”* Please enter one of the following” enter the last four digits of your SSN
  16. At “National Producer Number“ enter your NPN# and click on “Next”
  17. At the License Selection page scroll down to :
State License Number License Type Expire Date Lines of Authority - Notes (if applicable)

And at License Type click on the box next to “Producer” then click on “Next”

  1. On the Fee Details page, review the pending license fee and click on “Next”
  2. PERSONAL DATA page, complete all biographical information that has a red * , click on “NEXT”
  3. Business Data page, complete all Business Information that has a red *, click on “Next”
  4. Mailing Address page, please select or enter the applicant’s mailing address, click on “Next”
  5. AFFILIATIONS page is not required by Illinois; you may skip this and click on the “NEXT” button.
  6. BACKGROUND QUESTIONS answer all of the questions truthfully and click on “NEXT”
  7. APPLICANT’S CERTIFICATION AND ATTESTATION page, read carefully then click on the box next to “Agree”, click on the “NEXT” button.
  8. Alternate Email Addresses page, add an additional email address or click on “NEXT”
  9. SUBMITTER page, if you are completing the application for yourself, click on the dot next to the word “Yourself” if you are filling this out for someone else, please indicate that and complete the rest of the form. Click on “NEXT”
  10. Choose Payment Type page, click on the method you wish to pay and complete the “Billing Details” paying special attention to the red *. Click on “Next”
  11. This is as far as this instructions sheet can go with you, please print out anything that you are allowed to print for your records

If you have any problems please contact NIPR at 855-674-6477 or you can email