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Certification Clearance Request

How to Obtain a Certification/Clearance Letter

PLEASE NOTE: You may not need a certification letter, please contact the state you are applying to and verify that a certification letter is needed to apply.

If you are applying for a non-resident license in another state, you will be required to submit a Letter of Certification from Illinois.

If you are moving to another state, you will be required to submit a Letter of Clearance from Illinois. Note: A clearance letter cancels your Illinois license effective the date the letter is issued.

You may request a certification or clearance letter by writing to the Producer Licensing Unit, Illinois Department of Insurance, 320 W. Washington St., Springfield, IL 62767-0001. You may also use a Certification/Clearance Request Form PDF. Your request must include:

  • A check for $10.00 fee, payable to the Director of Insurance. Note: If you request more than one certification letter, you must send $10.00 for each certification.
  • The producer's name, social security number, and return address.
  • The producer's written signature, if requesting a Letter of Clearance.