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Checklists Life - Accident - Health

Life, Accident, & Health Review Requirements Checklists

Please use the up-to-date checklists provided on this page. Filings submitted with out-of-date checklists will be rejected.

NOTICE: Issuers can access all plan year 2025 checklists and documents on the ACA Issuer Page. The appropriate checklists must be used for all ACA compliant filings. Fees are nonrefundable and not transferrable.

Rate Checklists

Accident & Health Checklists

NEW FOR ALL FILINGS OFFERING MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS: The Mental Health Parity Supporting Document template must be attached under the supporting documentation tab of all form filings offering mental health benefits. Filings without this documentation will not be reviewed.

Excess Risk/Stop Loss filings are done on an INFORMATIONAL basis

Life & Annuity Review Requirement Checklists

Note: Documents must be saved as PDFs before uploading to SERFF.

Credit Filings Checklists

Company Filings — All Lines

Viatical Settlement Review Requirement Checklists

Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder NQTL Comparative Analysis