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Cancellation & Nonrenewal Hearings

Requesting a Hearing

Only the named insured (or authorized representative) may request the hearing and must do so at least 20 days before the cancellation or nonrenewal takes effect 215 ILCS 5/143.23.

An online request for hearing can be made online at IDOI Message Center and selecting the form for the type of insurance that you carry. Make sure you click “Yes” toward the bottom of the form where it asks “Do you want to request a hearing?”

You can also request a hearing by mail. Fill out this form and mail to:  

Illinois Department of Insurance
Attention:  LEGAL
320 W Washington St, 4th Floor
Springfield, IL  62767-0001

Hearing Procedure Flowchart Interactive & Expandable Flowchart Version PDF

Conduct of Hearing

The Hearing Officer shall conduct the hearing in the following manner:

  • The insured shall proceed first and present his/her case in the narrative. The company may ask relevant questions at the conclusion of the insured's narrative. The company shall then proceed and present its case in the narrative. The insured may ask relevant questions at the conclusion of the company's narrative.
  • At the conclusion of all narratives and questions, if any, the Hearing Officer shall take the matter under advisement and enter his/her recommendations to the Director within 5 days. 50 Ill. Adm. Code 2402.295.

General Hearing Provisions

Coverage must remain in force during the hearing process contingent upon payment of premium

Illinois law requires that your insurance policy continue through the hearing process. If the Director finds that your policy should not have been canceled/nonrenewed your insurance company will be ordered to reinstate the policy. If the Director finds that the cancellation/nonrenewal was legally permitted, then the insurance company will be able to end your coverage as early as 30 days after the date of the Director’s decision 215 ILCS 5/143.23.

A request for hearing can also be made by postal mail. The Department's website has a form that you can print out and mail to us. All requests for hearing that are mailed must be directed to the Department's Springfield address as follows:

Please note that the insurance company is entitled to continue receiving premiums for providing you insurance during this process, even if you lost your case. If you do not pay the premiums for the extension of coverage, then the company will be allowed to end your coverage even before the hearing process is finished 215 ILCS 5/143.23.

You may obtain another insurance policy and/or withdraw your hearing request

If you obtain another insurance policy before the hearing process is over, please notify the Hearing Officer as soon as possible and submit a request to withdraw your request for a hearing.

You may also voluntarily withdraw your hearing request if you no longer wish to proceed with the hearing by informing inform the Hearing Officer.

Failure to appear for hearing shall result in default

Failure of a party to appear on the date set for hearing, or failure to proceed as ordered by the Hearing Officer, shall constitute a default. The Hearing Officer shall thereupon enter such Findings, Opinions, and Recommendations as is appropriate under the pleadings and such evidence as she/he shall receive into the record 50 Ill. Adm. Code 2402.200.

Costs of Hearing

Generally, there are no costs for the hearing. However, the Department is allowed to charge the losing party for the costs of the hearing, up to $100, once the Director issues a final decision 215 ILCS 5/143.23.

If a party wishes to have the hearing transcribed by a court reporter, then those arrangements and costs must be made by that party with the court reporter.

Final Decision

The Director shall issue a written decision within 20 days of the conclusion of the hearing 215 ILCS 5/143.23.